Loughborough Baptist Church


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to worship God, to follow the example of JESUS CHRIST In every aspect of our lives, and to help other people to know Him as Saviour and Lord.

In May 2012 we accepted three priorities in our life together (we regularly review our aims):

• We aim for effective mission and witness to be at the heart of our church life.
• We aim to make worship, Bible study and prayer central to our life together.
• We aim to make our fellowship open and welcoming to young people and families, seeking ways to bringing them to faith.

Since accepting these aims the church has recently appointed Marianne as its Family Worker tasked with building on the children’s work. We also appointed Vicky Edwards as our Pastoral Support Worker, she is tasked with developing our pastoral work further.

We are working hard to have mission at the heart of all our activities.

We have a number of groups of people who are responsible for implementing our aims. Please ask the church office for further details.