Loughborough Baptist Church


Loughborough Baptist Church has a range of rooms available for rent. They are suitable for a wide variety of events from small meetings to sport or exercise classes.

Assembly Hall
Seating for a 100 people it can be used for larger events or a variety of sports

The Café
Seating 40 people it can be used for buffets. A catering size kitchen is next door

The Meeting Room
Seating 50 people suitable for medium sized meeting

The Quiet Room
Seating 15 people suitable for small sized meeting or as a crèche

Millennium Room
Seating 50 people, suitable for a medium sized meeting or activity; there is a kitchen next to the room
Whiteboards, projection facilities and a wide variety of tables and chairs are available for use.

There is Wi-Fi available for most of the rooms.

The rooms are rented out subject to our term and conditions. if you are an organisation and have children present we would expect you to have a child protection policy.

If you are interested in hiring a room please email Mrs Elaine Grimley Elaine.grimley@sky.com or ring the church office on 01509 215642

Car Park Spaces

Day time car parking available at Loughborough Baptist Church private car park. You will have your own allotted space. Just three spaces available If you are interested, please contact Mrs Elaine Grimley Elaine.grimley@sky.com