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This page will be updated from time to time with downloadable material to enable the LBC community keep in touch and continue to undertake it's Work, Witness and Worship.

The Church Office is closed - telephones will not be answered and nor will messages on the answer phone. Emails will be redirected to an appropriate person.


Current Information

To all members and friends of Loughborough Baptist Church.

We shall continue the pattern of sending out a service each Sunday morning by email and posting it on the website. We hope that those of you  without internet are managing to get copies of the services. "Thought for the Day" is also available by email and for download on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with Wenesdays as an audio Podcast.
Please contact Vicky, Margaret or Lilian if you have problems with this.
This is an opportunity to worship in fellowship with the congregation at LBC.

 If you require any kind of help, please contact:
    Vicky Edwards, Pastoral Support Worker on 07557023383
        (Contact Vicky for information about the WhatsApp group)
    Margaret Thirlwell, Church Secretary on 07811432869
    Lilian Limb, on 01509 215263

Sunday 26th April